It's Back! - A Camera Walking Post

If you are like me, you probably have favorite subjects that you like to capture when out Camera Walking. I have several, including Lola, our neighborhood dog, the city skyline featuring the Space Needle, and an old Studebaker truck that sits in the driveway on top of the hill where I live.


I like it because it has a personality - notice that one yellow light - and I play with my images to get different moods. I used Nik's Color Efex Pro's filters to get this grungy look. I even made a puzzle from the image below for a friend.


During the holidays, the owners decorate the truck, which I appreciate.


Then one day I walked by and the truck was gone! There was an Audi in its place. I thought that it might have been out for repair, but each time I walked by there was no Studebaker. They must have sold it. Sigh. I was happy that I had my images from the last two years to look at.


This weekend I decided to walk by the house and to my delight the Studebaker was back!! I was so thrilled, and glad that they didn't give up on this old truck. I had my Lensbaby Sweet 50mm lens with me, so I experimented taking different shots with the lens wide open.


I loved the blur and dreamy focus on the truck, as well as this close-up of the light. 


One of the things I like about photography is the ability to capture an image of something that might not be there the next time I walk by. If you have favorite subject, take and appreciate each photo you take. I am excited about trying out various lenses to see what I interesting images I can capture of this great truck.


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