A Waterfront Walk - A Lensbaby Blog Circle Post

The other day I went on a walk along Seattle’s waterfront. We are fortunate to have a park that is accessible by a footbridge across a busy street. The park is nestled between a train yard and the waterfront.


The light and sky weren’t great that morning, but with my Lensbaby Edge 50 I was able to capture some interesting shots.


I love seeing the ships come in to load with grain. They add to an already diverse waterfront.


We decided to leave the park and walk along the commercial section of the waterfront. First up was the Edgewater Hotel made famous when the Beatles stayed there many decades ago. I used Topaz’s Impression software to add a more painterly look.


What started out as a perhaps not too interesting photo walk, turned out to be a wonderful surprise. I enjoyed using the Edge 50 to capture the mood despite the lack of an interesting sky and lackluster light.

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