An Urban Walk - A Lensbaby Blog Circle Post

I have been playing with several of my Lensbaby lenses over the last couple of weeks to capture the early flowers and sunny mornings, but this past weekend I decided to explore the city with my Edge 35 lens. I was surprised at the images that I was able to capture as I walked to the Pike Place Market. I especially enjoyed the reflections on the buildings.


I eventually made it to the market just as the shops were getting set up. There weren’t many people, which was a plus, and it was very colorful.


I enjoyed playing with the tilt to get more blur in the image. This one of Rachel, the Pike Place Market pig, was fun. I followed the hoof marks to find her.


There are always so many wonderful flowers at the market and this weekend they were flourishing.


As I was getting ready to head home, I turned and took this shot. The Edge 35 captured the magic of the moment.


While I made my way, I ducked into side streets and found some interesting building art like this one below. The speech bubble that was just to the left of this image said, “I don’t care what they say, I KNOW we belong together.”


Although this image below is not really street art, the colors caught my eye.


I am really new to the Edge lenses, but I am enjoying the versatility they offer. I have much to learn and I look forward to exploring more places to see what I can capture. I love hearing from you, so comment below, post on my Facebook page, or send me an email at carol(at)

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